Please do sign up for meetings (including our free webinar with Connections in Mind on September 29th) using the normal sign-up sheets found in 'School Leaders' below.


We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with the Connections in Mind Foundation to offer you heavily discounted Executive Function Skills teacher training. Kindly being hosted by Feltonfleet, this will run over three sessions and take place on 15th October, 2nd February and 20th May 2021.

Please click on the Skills/PSPQ icon in the main menu to find out more. 

Please join our free WEBINAR on September 29th (11am and 4pm), '3 Birds - One Stone:  Improve learning skills, self regulation and character development by taking an executive function approach" by Victoria Bagnall co-founder of Connections in Mind, to find out all about the training.